About TCF Gaming

TCF Gaming has been distributing (and originally selling) models since 2010, although I have been making and distributing paper models for almost a decade. I strive for the highest quality I can, often designing as much as 600 dpi in the base textures for my models. Over the years I have worked to develop cunning innovation into my designs, and build on successful models.

This is, however, a hobby for me, one of many. While I have several sets available they are the accumulation of years of work, interspersed with my interests and waxing and waning with my muse. If you like my models, please consider donating. Donations go towards maintaining the site (which is not free) and keeping my interest up in developing more models.

Every model I have ever designed is now here, freely available for personal use. As long as I maintain this site, new models and sets will continue to be added.

Thank you!