The primary focus of my figurine designs has been on the Paper Protagonist series, but as I explore other figurine projects they will be found here. Legacy Soldier can be considered the precursor sets to the Paper Protagonist series. Their forms are simpler in design, but elements could probably be used to spice up Paper Protagonist figurines if desired. It is the only current place to get the Posable Clone Trooper sets.

The Dingbot Prime is a figurine I made based on the character of the same name from the webcomic Girl Genius. Permission was given for me to distribute it here.


Posted by Gir on
Hey! First wanted to say great site! I really like the idea of a custom mini. I know how to texture and work in pepakura a lot with papercraft, so I can see easily how many different characters I can customize.

I did have a question, though.
Any chance there is a blank model of your male protagonist? I did not see it in any of the pages.

Thanks for making your site available to everyone!
Posted by Sean on
At the moment, no. The textures and design are not in a state to have 'blank' releases as of yet. Once I have finished some further elements though, yes, I will consider releasing a template set.
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