Paper Protagonist

The Paper Protagonist is a fully posable paper figurine designed with full modularity in mind. Limbs can be freely swapped/exchanged between sets and weapons and extraneous elements can be added modified as desired.

Original Protagonist Figure (prototype)

Protagonist Prototype

The Paper Protagonist line was conceived as a way of inexpensively customizing gaming miniatures without sacrificing the look and feel of the figurine. 'Flats' never appealed to me, and my initual foray into making paper miniatures (see the Legacy Soldier section under Figurines) was not sufficient for my intent.

A Kyle Katarn figure build using multiple sets

Kyle Katarn, built using several sets

I tackled the concept initially with the male figure, primarily because it was a simpler form, and because I wanted to revisit the Stormtrooper figurine. The initial design of the figure combined clothing layers with the figure layer, but added the much desired posability I felt was lacking in the Soldier designs I had started with. Layering bits for pockets, jackets, etc, came later, but was eventually overtaken with the full layered design incorporated into the Female figure.

Female Figure Prototype

Female Protagonist Prototype

I have several planned expansions to these sets, over time expect this to grow in scope.