Man at Arms

Man at Arms


This Protagonist contains all the elements required to assemble a typical 'Man at Arms' from an era similar to 11th and 12th century. Components exist to allow the builder to assemble in a variety of detail, with an undershirt (or gambeson) as the base torso, with a chain hauberk (with separate coif) and a surcoat overtop. Vambraces, shield and Norman-style sword are included, with two emblazon patterns (and a bare \'white\' pattern to allow for your own). Perfect to represent standard soldiers in a role-playing game or for display in a diorama. As with all the PPM series, components are interchangeable between models, so customization is easily done using stock models.


Expansion 1


Note: This Expansion set cannot be used on its own to create full figurines, although it is an excellent source for weapon props on its own. It is intended to be used with any of the full sets, although specifically designed to compliment the Man at Arms set.


Several pages of weapon and armour modifications are included, as well as retextures of the tunic and hauberk components previously available in the Man at Arms set. The tunics have been expanded to include thigh-length drape. Included in the set are components to make: crossbow and winch, composite bow, arrows/quarrels, two quivers, spears of varying lengths, ransuer, axe, halberd, and double-sided cloaks. As with all of the Protagonist figurine sets, the components are fully interchangeable. Both 1:35 and 1:50 scales have been included. Full instructions are provided.


These files are presented in a compressed form, using .zip compression routines. An appropriate unpacking utility will be required to access them.<br /><br />The files inside of the package are in .pdf format and will require a viewer capable of opening and printing them in order for them to be used to their original intent. Pages are laid out to support Letter format, of 8.5” x 11” (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm). While it is possible they may be printed on A4, some reduction in size may be required. Note that to create the models to the stated scale, no resizing through printing should be done.


The models and textures are © 2010 Sean Kelly.

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