Star Wars Stormtrooper

1:50 and 1:35 scale Stormtrooper. Fully posable with laminate detailing. Comes with two sizes of E11 blaster. This is considered the full replacement for the original 'Paper Soldier' design, and has considerable improvements to the overall design.


The Star Wars Stormtrooper set was my first attempt at layering (or laminating) detail onto the Protagonist figurine design. The core figure is the black form-fitting undersuit shared by all of the 'Trooper variants and I wanted to have a base design I could build on when I later return to the design to finish other 'Troopers. Every armour element is a laminated peice, which coupled with the posable design creates some really effective miniatures. The helmet is a bit of a challenge. Were I to revisit it I would probably simplify some of the elements.

A great set, and an excellent base for building miniatures for star wars roleplay (or just making bad guys).

These files are presented in a compressed form, using .zip compression routines. An appropriate unpacking utility will be required to access them. The files inside of the package are in .pdf format and will require a viewer capable of opening and printing them in order for them to be used to their original intent. Pages are laid out to support Letter format, of 8.5” x 11” (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm). While it is possible they may be printed on A4, some reduction in size may be required. Note that to create the models to the stated scale, no resizing through printing should be done.


Star Wars, and its respective elements are © and TM of Lucasfilm Ltd. While this work is influenced by these copyrighted works, they contain no element of the original images or models.


The models and textures are © 2010 Sean Kelly.


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