Modular City Walls 1:1000


Modular City Walls is a set designed to replicate foritfied city walls. They are specifically designed to support a hex grid, with special sections that will allow you to build 90 degree walls without breaking the overall hex grid. Walls, Towers, Gates and Weapon emplacements are all included.


The files are provided in both the original Pepakura format for ease of rescaling to match existing hex maps sizes and PDF format for users who cannot access the Pepakura Viewer. In the files are included full instructions and high-resolution maps, with instructions on how to incorporate your own map modification files into the printable file.


The files are presented in a compressed form, using .zip compression routines. An appropriate unpacking utility will be required to access them. Some files inside of the package are in .pdf format and will require a viewer capable of opening and printing them in order for them to be used to their original intent. In order to modify the texture files, an image editor capable of editing .jpg files will be required. The main model file is supplied in .pdo format, which requires a working copy of the shareware software Pepakura Designer © 2013 Tama Software. The software is available at their site: and is free to download and use. A licence key is not required in order to print or modify textures. Pages are laid out to support Letter format, of 8.5” x 11” (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm). While it is possible they may be printed on A4, some modification to the layout may be required. Note that to create the models to the stated scale, no resizing through printing should be done.


The models are © 2013 Sean Kelly. Texture © are listed in the files, permission obtained for distribution.

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