Starship Corridors

1:50 Scale Starship Corridors. This set of interior corridors are well suited for any science fiction gaming. The corridors are scaled to fit most 35mm gaming figurines, with room to spare. The parts can be mixed and matched to produce 22 unique sections, in addition to 2 door sets, with open and closed markers. These sections can mixed and matched, with duplicate builds, to produce countless variations.


The main files are included in .pdo (Pepakura Designer/Viewer) format only. A few files, including the instructions, are provided in .pdf format, so an appropriate reader is required. Pepakura Viewer v 3.x (or greater) will be required to use. Pepakura Viewer is free to use and can be obtained here: For builders this should be considered of moderate complexity. There are a few requiring careful fit up and alignment. Few instructions are included, although these should be reviewed before building; the Pepakura Viewer is an excellent tool for reviewing part location and fit up, and should suffice in lieu of written instructions.


The models and textures are © 2012 Sean Kelly.

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