1:270 Starships

While setting up a game of X-Wing to familiarize myself with the rules again, and with the intent of eventually teaching my kids to play it with me, I was absolutely struck with the idea of designing my own models in that scale.


The idea possessed me such that in a whirlwind of modeling and texturing I was able to toss together not one, but three designs (yes they are iterative) in but a few days. I hope to take this further. Two of the designs of course already exist in the game, and I strongly encourage you to pickup the Fantasy Flight game and models if you're at all interested. It is inexpensive and easy to play.


However, inexpensive is not free. I don't need 10 TIE fighters to play the game(yet), but my shelf might need 10 TIE fighters. This is where my models come in. Quick, easy to build. Best of all, free.

I must stress, don't consider these replacements for the original. Fantasy flight has made a tabletop Starfighter game that plays and feels exciting. Support them. Their models are spectacular and fairly priced for gaming pieces.

If you just want models for your desktop, or easy models to put together with your kids (I'd scale them up a little first), here they are.


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