Work in Progress: Star Wars B-Wing

1:50 Scale B-Wing. This is an BETA release and is currently limited to parts inclusive from the Cockpit to the Engine Section. Part 3 will include the base for the S-Foils and the 'Blade' part of the Wing, along with the Turbolaser weapon mount. Part 4 will include the S-Foil wings and their weapon mounts.


The cockpit is designed to rotated within the collar, and includes a hing mechanism for the canopy. The canon model does not contain any 'glass' for the canopy, and I have not included a former. I intend, however, to produce a mold form for use in later parts of the build.


Released Parts:



Prototype Build


These files are included in .pdo (Pepakura Designer/Viewer) format only. Pepakura Viewer v 3.x (or greater) will be required to use. Pepakura Viewer is free to use and can be obtained here: For builders this should be considered of moderate to advanced complexity. There are several complicated shapes requiring careful fit up and alignment. Few instructions are included; the Pepakura Viewer is an excellent tool for reviewing part location and fit up, and should suffice in lieu of written instructions. 



Star Wars ® and related terms are a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd.


The models and textures are © 2010-2013 Sean Kelly.

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